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A few customer´s references:

Tommy Lars, Project Manager (PMP) in Lars Consulting

"... It was a pleasure working with Antonio. He is intelligent, well organized and a good teamworker.  He learnt very quick and was responsable and a leader. I wouldn´t doubt a minute to contract him for a new project! I hope we will work together again one day... "


Mr. & Mrs. G K Raw                                                                                                                                                    


Antonio´s Company carried out Works at our Villa in Spain, which the company built initially.

We were very satisfied with the works in the first place for the new House

Good workmanship

Very Reliable

Very Efficient

Excellent Personal Service

We would be very confident in recommending Antonio´s Company for any contract built or refurbish of any size, very competitive with Quotation, will commit to any agreed time schedule.

We left our Keys, refurbishment works carried out when not there, all clean completed when arrived back, no problem.

Thank you Antonio  

Kind Regards  Betty and Ken Raw   (Ex director Shop fitting/ building Contractors Uk)


It is my pleasure to recommend Antonio Lopez Gomez as Project Manager over some houses to sale and apartments to rent in Nerja and Frigiliana which was recently built.  Antonio has already successfully managed this project and he brought that project in on time, slightly under budget and with no major obstacles. Antonio is highly respected by her colleagues and subordinates involved with his last project. His enthusiastic, optimistic attitude is contagious and serves to motivate and energize her project staff. He is a natural leader who has the gift of identifying each staff member’s primary talents and bringing out the best in each one throughout the course of the entire project. He has superb problem-solving skills. Antonio possesses excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. He showed ability to foresee a potential problem and it saving the company money and preventing unexpected hurdles from delaying the project’s ultimate implementation.

I am happy to recommend Antonio Lopez Gomez to manage any project. If you would like to further discuss her record and qualifications please contact me via email at bettyransers7l@gmail.com.

Sincerely, Betty Ransers   


                                                    Très cher Antonio,

                 Je t'écris cette lettre pour te remercier chaleureusement pour les travaux de rénovation de ma maison  et  pour la construction de cette splendide piscine à débordement. N'ayant pas pu être présent  lors des travaux,  j'étais, je te le concède, un peu inquiet.Cette inquiétude n'avait nulle raison d'être quand  je vois la réalisation des travaux : c'est extraordinaire et je pèse mes mots! Remercie de ma part tes corps de métier,  je n'ai trouvé aucune critique à formuler! Rien à dire non plus sur la qualité des matériaux et de l'électroménager, c'est top!  Si tu le désires  et que le besoin s'en fait sentir, n'hésite pas, Marie et moi nous ferons un plaisir  de te laisser montrer cette réussite à d'autres futurs clients qui auront la chance de t'avoir choisi comme entrepreneur.

                 Bien à toi,  Encore merci, Daniel Taelman


Antonio is one of the most gifted economic manager that I have worked with.

He was able to deal the project like a high-level manager with knowledge of management and economic term. He is always eager to learn and experiment with new technologies and ideas. His modesty and humble attitude speaks for his greatness. I foresee a perfect leader in making. His knowledge of management   brought in completely new perspectives and ways of working in our practice and in the products that we were making. He is a very versatile and exceptionally talented asset to organization. His ability to speak with clients, with peers and others companies developers eases the project implementation. It is really a joy working with Antonio.

Edwards Irlands - Edwards Irlansd developments


Dear Antonio,

Thank you for the work which you did for me in my house to refurbish the basement area, with news bathrooms, bedrooms area and stores

My wife and I were pleased with the quality of the work and the finish. You did go over the quoted price but as the additional tiling and the Shower enclosure improved the overall appearance we quite agreeable to pay the extra cost.

 Kind Regards, Brian Colby


Me complace recomendar con esta carta ampliamente a Antonio López Gómez y su empresa, por los trabajos de asesoramiento, planificación y gestión que ha realizado para la puesta en funcionamiento de mi negocio de Servicios Formativos en Málaga.

Durante los seis meses que he trabajado con Antonio ha destacado por su plena dedicación su excelente trato con los proveedores, trabajadores y Alumnos.

Personalmente he tenido excelentes resultados con los servicios de este profesional, pues como siempre sucede, existen inconvenientes, los cuales han sido resueltos en forma muy satisfactoria.

Reitero mi recomendación inicial esperando que sea tomada esta como referencia en beneficio de dicha empresa.

Luis Martin García Gerente de Formación DAIFOus en Málaga

La empresa Alhambra Nerja SA (Málaga) Empresa de Promoción Inmobiliaria

Expone, nuestro parecer respecto de las impresiones y observaciones que recogemos a lo largo de su periodo laboral de D. Antonio López Gómez.

Antonio López Gómez. Ha estado trabajando en diversos proyectos para nuestra sociedad durante 3 años. durante todo este tiempo ha cumplido fielmente con sus obligaciones.

Hemos podido comprobar que junto con una excelente preparación profesional, posee además buenas dotes y excelentes cualidades personales, don de gentes y optima colaboración en equipo.

Ha desempeñado con muy buen nivel sus servicios en Alhambra Nerja sa y FLT autónomo adaptándose de forma sobresaliente a las funciones y responsabilidades del área de Marketing, comercialización, dirección de personal, gestión y administracción es por ello que lo consideramos un profesional altamente recomendable.

Quedo a su disposición para cualquier aclaración o información adicional que ustedes precisen.

En Nerja, Alhambra Nerja SA